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LLL USA is committed to helping families reach their nursing and human milk feeding goals. Leaders are trained parent volunteers who offer free information and support to help you. For the convenience of parents everywhere, we provide individualized support as well as group meet-ups, in-person and in all styles of virtual formats. Meetings are free and offer a place to find a community of parents who share an interest in breastfeeding, pumping, and human milk feeding experiences, information, questions, and concerns. Find more info about what happens at a Meeting.

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If there is not an LLL USA Group or Leader in your immediate area, please feel free to contact the closest LLL USA Leader to you or look for yellow-orange pins on the map below for the virtual meetings that are available or visit the LLL USA Facebook Events page to find a meeting time that works best for you.

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Most LLL USA Leaders provide support in English; however, there are LLL USA Groups/Leaders providing support in other languages as well. To learn more, please indicate the language in the “Languages/identity groups” field and you can often join virtually from any distance as long as the times suit you (make sure to do any time conversions needed)!
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Additional groups in the United States can also be found on the LLL Alliance website.
Additional groups all around the world can be found on the LLL International website.