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La Leche League USA Meetings and Events Update

Sara’s baby is four weeks old, and Sara is exhausted. Sara is still trying to adjust to frequent night waking and wonders if it’s time to let her partner take over nighttime feedings so she can get more… Read More

Justine’s Story: Meeting Breastfeeding Challenges As A Young Parent

Justine Najera, Fort Worth, Texas Breastfeeding was the only option for me. I grew up around it, and there was no stigma (about breastfeeding) in the town I grew up in. I saw my sister-in-law do it for… Read More

Drive Time: Soothing My Fussy Baby

Marcie B., Nebraska “If you have a hard-to-settle baby for reasons you can’t just figure out, life is tougher at first. It may help to put a smiley face on the calendar on those days when your baby… Read More

Eating Wisely: Family Dinner Ideas

Autumn’s arrival brings with it the busyness of the return to school and additional activities for many families. It may sometimes be difficult to coordinate schedules to be able to sit down together to share a meal, much… Read More

Encouragement Through the Struggles: Part 1

When you are faced with something that feels impossible and you struggle to believe you can succeed, what gives you the confidence and determination to focus on moving past that hurdle? What if you aren’t the one struggling,… Read More