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Nursing During Pregnancy, Tandem Nursing, and Weaning

Regan S., Northwest Iowa I guess my experiences with tandem nursing really began when I was pregnant with my son. My daughter was two years old and was still nursing often. I didn’t know anyone who had tandem… Read More

Nida’s Story: Finding Community In A New Country

Nida Rehmani, Denver, Colorado December 29, 2017. I felt shivering down my spine, but it was not because of the cold weather. It is that season in America where people from all walks of life wish Happy Holidays… Read More

Encouragement Through the Struggles: Part 2

Earlier this year, New Beginnings published a blog post that focused on the topic of helping your partner during breastfeeding difficulties. This post was prompted by a question on the La Leche League USA Facebook page posed by… Read More

Helping Siblings Adjust To A New Baby

Tara G., Utah I have three children, and my experiences with helping each of the two oldest adjust to the addition of a sibling has been different with each of them. When my oldest was born, we only… Read More

Looking Back: It Makes A Difference

Eileen Carman, Parsippany, New Jersey Originally published in the January-February 1976 issue of La Leche League News. (From Garden Statements, La Leche League of New Jersey newsletter) Editor’s Note: This year marks the 65th anniversary of La Leche… Read More