Leader Spotlight: Celebrating Mecca Powell’s LLL Journey

Portrait of Meccaby LLL Leader Tyler Griffin, Certified Lactation Educator

Editor’s note: We would like to congratulate Mecca Powell on becoming a La Leche League USA Leader on the first day of Black History Month! Mecca is based in Vermilion County, Illinois and is excited to start her own LLL Group there soon! We hope our readers will enjoy reading about her journey and feel inspired by her dedication to making a lasting impact in the breastfeeding community.

There is no better way to celebrate Black History Month than by shining a light on a new LLL USA Leader. For Mecca Powell, this achievement not only marks a personal triumph, but is a testament to the journey that unfolds when passion meets purpose.

Mecca giving a breastfeeding classCommitment to Supporting Families at Every Stage

Apart from her La Leche League Leader accreditation, Mecca is the proud owner and operator of a business offering adult and infant CPR classes in her community. Her expertise in life-saving techniques has empowered countless individuals. Her diverse skill set also encompasses being a full-spectrum doula. This multifaceted approach reflects Mecca’s deep-rooted passion for holistic well-being and her commitment to supporting individuals at every stage of life. Mecca’s expertise speaks to her belief in a comprehensive and nurturing support system for families.

Mecca’s personal life brings connection to her passions in lactation and supporting families. She says, “I am a mama to three beautiful souls who love coming to lactation events with me! I am currently breastfeeding my toddler, so I’m excited to experience the life of tandem feeding when my fourth child arrives soon. I love supporting my community here in Illinois. I’m originally from Pontiac, MI. I am the third child of four raised by my mother!'”

A Source of Support and Breastfeeding Advocacy

One of Mecca’s core beliefs centers around the profound power of breastfeeding as a pathway to parent one’s child and forge enduring bonds. She has personally seen nursing as a unique way to connect with and understand the needs of a child.

Mecca reflected on the families she’s supported through her doula work. “My favorite and most impactful interaction was with a lactating mother who I met at our local Women’s Care Clinic. I was holding breastfeeding education meetings twice a month as a doula, and she attended a couple of them. When she needed support after delivering her baby, I felt it was only right to be as available as possible to share information with her. I know how hard it is to be a first-time mom trying to breastfeed. I later received a message from her about how much my support had helped her. It was a huge joy for me! That feedback reinforced that I was on the right path, pursuing my passion to help new parents on their breastfeeding journeys!”

Interactions like this ultimately inspired Mecca to become a La Leche League Leader and better support human milk feeding families.

Mecca breastfeeding her childLeading with Impact and Inspiration

Mecca’s ability to juggle the roles of being a mother, entrepreneur, educator, and advocate is a testament to her extraordinary capacity to inspire change and uplift those around her.

She stands as a shining example of the strength embedded in the Black community. Mecca’s story serves as a reminder that the pursuit of knowledge, the commitment to one’s passions, and the desire to make a difference can break barriers and create a lasting legacy. In celebrating Mecca Powell, we not only honor her individual achievements but also recognize the importance of supporting and uplifting Black Leaders within La Leche League USA.

What Does Black History Month Mean to You, Mecca?

“Black History/Future Month holds great significance for me as a new Black La Leche League Leader. It’s a celebration of resilience, triumphs, and the enduring legacy of Black individuals. As Leaders, we play a vital role in shaping a future where every voice is heard and every story is valued. Although we should celebrate ourselves and each other every month, this month is a time to highlight empowering Black mothers, fostering inclusivity, and contributing to a narrative that transcends barriers, ensuring a brighter future for generations to come!”

We hope Mecca’s journey might inspire others to embrace their unique talents, advocate for what they believe in, and cultivate compassion and connection within the communities they serve.

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