2022 Virtual Breastmilk Drive

Image of a baby nursing with the words 'Virtual Breastmilk Drive Help a parent and their baby by donating today! All costs covered by Mothers' Milk Bank. Mention La Leche League when you donate!' overlaid on the image

2022 Virtual Breastmilk Drive sponsored by La Leche League of Northern California/Hawaii/Northern Nevada and La Leche League USA for Mothers’ Milk Bank of San Jose, CA

Breast milk donation fulfills an important role in keeping babies healthy and thriving. YOU can save a life by donating your breast milk to the Mothers’ Milk Bank!

Mothers’ Milk Bank of San Jose is a nonprofit organization that provides Pasteurized Donor Human Milk to infants in need. Donor milk offers all of the benefits of human milk. Most babies who receive donor milk are premature babies in NICUs.

While a parent’s own milk is the first choice for feeding their baby or if supplementation is needed, donor human milk is the next best option in cases such as:
– Low milk supply
– Maternal illness or death
– Adopted, foster, or surrogate babies who would otherwise not be able to be fed human milk
– Babies who cannot tolerate formula
– Any medical need for supplementation

Sign up in 1 of 3 ways:
1) Fill out the screening questionnaire on their website: https://mothersmilk.org/donate-milk
2) Call them: 877-375-6645, Ext. 3
3) Scan the QR code from the any of the flyers below

All costs of donation are covered by the Mothers’ Milk Bank. Be sure to mention La Leche League when you donate!


See below for flyers in various languages:

English 2022 Virtual Breastmilk Drive flyer Spanish 2022 Virtual Breastmilk Drive flyer

Vietnamese 2022 Virtual Breastmilk Drive flyer Russian 2022 Virtual Breastmilk Drive flyer