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LLL USA logo with items for sale at store, including two adult shirts stating "breastfeeding takes practice" and "fruit spoils babies don't"; toddler t-shirt with “nursing toddler”; tote bag with "breast milk saves lives"; latte mug with "love breast milk"; pin stating "yes we're still breastfeeding”; phone case with “keep calm and nurse on”; notebook stating “parenting can be hard. be kind to yourself”

**The links to Barnes and Noble are provided for your convenience, because LLL USA understands that one less search may be appreciated when families are looking for breastfeeding support. LLL USA does not receive any support from Barnes and Noble, and LLL USA does not necessarily endorse other books that may be recommended on the same page as The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding 8th Edition or Sweet Sleep.**

Baby resting head against mother's chest and profile of mother's head resting on baby's forehead, both smiling, with the text: La Leche League International and names of authors

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