LLL USA Statement in Support of Pumping Families

submitted by LLL USA on October 4, 2019
LLL USA would like to voice support for all breastfeeding families, including those who express and pump human milk for their children.
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Secure attachment comes from consistent and loving care for children from birth onwards

submitted by LLL USA on July 4, 2019
LLL USA continues to support our June 15, 2018 statement, which is:
Policies that separate children, including nurslings, from their families are inhumane and not in keeping with La Leche League Philosophy.
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LLL USA Signs on to USBC Letter in Response to US Opposition to World Health Organization (WHA) Resolution

submitted by LLL USA on July 19, 2018
La Leche League USA (LLL USA) joins the US Breastfeeding Committee (USBC) and others to “call upon our government to ensure that policy decisions and actions are based on current scientific evidence, free from industry influence, and carried out in accordance to global trade agreements and international law.”
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LLL USA Response to Recent US Opposition to Breastfeeding Support Resolution

submitted by LLL USA on July 8, 2018
La Leche League USA (LLL USA) response to the U.S. opposition to the breastfeeding resolution at 2018 World Health Assembly 
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Joint Statement on use of the term Chestfeeding

submitted by LLL USA on July 8, 2018
Joint statement from La Leche League Canada and La Leche League USA
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