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Feeding The Family: Cool Treats For Warm Days

Spring is in full swing, and the summer months are just around the corner. As warmer weather arrives, often a cool snack is exactly what hits the spot – for our children and for ourselves! Take a look… Read More

Feeding The Family: Breakfast – Anytime, Anywhere

Editor’s Note: We hope that one, two, or all of these recipes inspire and delight your family’s taste buds. Or you may enjoy adapting the recipes for your family. As always with all information presented by La Leche League… Read More

Family Fun: Recipes For The Holidays

Spending time together in the kitchen often tops the list of favorite holiday memories for many families. Perhaps it’s preparing a recipe passed down through the generations. Or maybe it’s decorating treats to give to relatives and neighbors…. Read More

Eating Wisely: Warm Soups For Cold Days

As the weather turns cooler for many of us, soups, stews, and chili may become a more frequent meal choice. There are so many options for incorporating a variety of ingredients to make a nutritious and hearty meal… Read More

Eating Wisely and Spending Time Together: Fun Foods Featuring Fruits and Vegetables

Amy Nelson, Yankton, South Dakota In the midst of all the news and changes in response to coronavirus health concerns, Spring officially arrived, and with the change in season comes the promise that fresh fruits and vegetables will soon… Read More

La Leche League Recipes Rediscovered: Chicken/Turkey Curry

Good nutrition means eating a well-balanced and varied diet of foods in as close to their natural state as possible. (La Leche League philosophy) Breast milk is optimal nutrition for your baby. La Leche League has shared that… Read More

Feeding The Family: Pleasing Pasta Salad

Tessa Schatteman, Twin Cities area, Minnesota After one final snowstorm, spring has finally sprung in Minnesota! My husband, two-year-old son, and I can’t wait for the months of countless hikes and walks. With another baby on the way… Read More

Feeding The Family: Avocado Chicken Salad

Naomi Benjamin, Blaine, Minnesota. Here is a recipe that is a favorite in our household. It’s also dairy free and quite nutritionally dense. My nurslings will eat multiple portions; they typically eat more than I do when this is… Read More

Feeding The Family: Quick and Easy Lunch Ideas

Janice Prosterman, Omaha, Neb. My husband and I babysit our four young grandchildren ages two to six years old, 55 hours or more a week. The grandchildren are from two different families. Here are two of their favorite… Read More

Feeding The Family: Snack Ideas

It’s not always easy to find healthy, fun snacks to feed your family. If your children are anything like mine, they all have different likes and, once you find something that they agree on, it seems as if… Read More