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Feeding The Family: Pleasing Pasta Salad

Tessa Schatteman, Twin Cities area, Minnesota After one final snowstorm, spring has finally sprung in Minnesota! My husband, two-year-old son, and I can’t wait for the months of countless hikes and walks. With another baby on the way… Read More

Feeding The Family: Avocado Chicken Salad

Naomi Benjamin, Blaine, Minnesota. Here is a recipe that is a favorite in our household. It’s also dairy free and quite nutritionally dense. My nurslings will eat multiple portions; they typically eat more than I do when this is… Read More

Feeding The Family: Quick and Easy Lunch Ideas

Janice Prosterman, Omaha, Neb. My husband and I babysit our four young grandchildren ages two to six years old, 55 hours or more a week. The grandchildren are from two different families. Here are two of their favorite… Read More

Feeding The Family: Snack Ideas

It’s not always easy to find healthy, fun snacks to feed your family. If your children are anything like mine, they all have different likes and, once you find something that they agree on, it seems as if… Read More

Eating Wisely: Organize Family Meals with a $2 Trick (Bonus! Classic LLL Recipes)

Kendra Atkins-Boyce, Portland, Oregon Editor’s note: Regular contributor Kendra Atkins-Boyce shares an idea for easily and inexpensively organizing meals for any busy family. While you’re contemplating your family’s mealtime, you may wish to try these recipes we pulled… Read More

Eating Wisely; Incorporating Vegetables

“My four-year-old twins are fairly enthusiastic eaters and don’t often complain about or reject what I prepare for them. They absolutely love fruit! Vegetables are another story. It doesn’t seem to matter what vegetable I give them because… Read More

Granny’s Cup-A Cup-A Cup-A Cobbler (Version 2.0)

Kendra Atkins-Boyce, Portland, Oregon My grandmother was born and raised in the mountains of southwest Virginia. She went on to travel the world and even lived in Southeast Asia for over 30 years. When it came to dessert,… Read More

Revisiting Recipe Memories from Whole Foods for the Whole Family

Kendra Atkins-Boyce, Portland, Oregon A long time ago, there existed a book full of magic. This book held the secrets of feeding one’s family a diet filled with whole foods and devoid of processed ingredients. It housed the… Read More