Looking Back: It Makes A Difference

Eileen Carman, Parsippany, New Jersey Originally published in the January-February 1976 issue of La Leche League News. (From Garden Statements, La Leche League of New Jersey newsletter) Editor’s Note: This year marks the 65th anniversary of La Leche… Read More

Allergies and the Breastfed Baby: Report from University of Nebraska Breastfeeding Conference

Rita Brhel, Hastings, Nebraska All of my children have allergies, and all of my children breastfed for at least six months. Even my third baby, whom I breastfed well into the third year, didn’t escape without eczema. So… Read More

Eating Wisely; Incorporating Vegetables

“My four-year-old twins are fairly enthusiastic eaters and don’t often complain about or reject what I prepare for them. They absolutely love fruit! Vegetables are another story. It doesn’t seem to matter what vegetable I give them because… Read More