Upcoming LLL USA Events in 2017

As this year winds down, we are looking ahead to 2017 and the many fun and exciting LLL USA events available for individuals and families. Are you looking for an opportunity to connect with other parents about breastfeeding… Read More

What Would You Say? Sharing Your Experiences and Ideas with Others

By Amy Nelson, Yankton, South Dakota Throughout my years as a breastfeeding mother, I sought support from a variety of resources, most made available thanks to La Leche League. I attended monthly Series meetings, and there was nothing… Read More

What I Wish I Knew About Breastfeeding the First Time Around

By Kendra Atkins-Boyce, Portland, Oregon I knew all about breastfeeding before I really understood that breasts could have another function besides nourishing an infant. My aunt was a lactation consultant and La Leche League Leader. My mother nursed… Read More