La Leche League Resources on Facebook

Are you looking for breastfeeding support on Facebook? LLL USA can help you! In addition to the many local Groups that have Facebook pages and private groups, there are other Facebook resources that you may find helpful.

La Leche League USA Facebook Page– The LLL USA Facebook Page offers daily tips, tricks, and stories to help you meet your breastfeeding goals.

La Leche League – Nursing Twins, Triplets, More– This group offers virtual meetings which are open to parents expecting twins, triplets or other multiple births and planning to nurse/provide human milk, those already doing so, and those providing nursing/lactation support. To participate one must request to join the La Leche League Virtual Meeting – Nursing Twins or More closed group and respond to the three questions.

La Leche League – Tandem Nursing– This private group is for those who are tandem nursing. Tandem nursing is defined as “The common term (in the USA) for breastfeeding siblings concurrently”. The group also supports those who are nursing through pregnancy and/or those who are planning on or considering tandem nursing.

La Leche League – Inducing Lactation & Relactation– This is an inclusive support group for those looking for information on how to Induce lactation for non-birthing parents; such as surrogacy; adoption; co-nursing; trans/non binary chest feeding, etc. And for those who are relactating for a child they did birth after stopping breastfeeding previously for any reason.

La Leche League Special Needs Breastfeeding Support– This group offers support for those breastfeeding children with special needs including but not limited to ADD, ASD, Cerebral Palsy, cleft lip or palate, Down Syndrome, heart defect, SPD, and other special needs.

Liga de la Leche (LLL)– Este grupo ofrece en período de lactancia ayuda en español. This group offers breastfeeding help in Spanish.

LLLI Breastfeeding Support– This is a world-wide support group for those who are breastfeeding or considering breastfeeding.