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A Father’s Day Tribute

Jodie's family sitting, looking at their youngest baby.Jodie Kilpatrick, Enterprise, Alabama

My husband, Tim, has been supporting my breastfeeding journey with our children for over 10 years now. I have been nursing continuously for over nine years (through pregnancy, birth, tandem, etc.). He trusts completely that I know what I’m doing and that our children need me as much as they do in those early days whether it’s for nutrition, comfort, or closeness. He will make sure that I’m fed, help with the other children, babywear toddlers, bring me a cappuccino, etc. He doesn’t bat an eye when I’m still nursing our toddlers or tandem nursing a toddler with our newborn. He tells me how beautiful and amazing I am for providing milk for our babies. He talks to other fathers and mothers about the benefits of nursing. He’s the best support person I could have hoped for! It probably helps that his mother was a lactation consultant for 25 years and nursed him until he was three!

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