A Weaning Celebration

Jordan and her daughter Edie Jordan Rock, Northwest Arkansas

Editor’s Note: This was originally published as “A Midsummer Night’s Wean: A Natural Term Nursing Celebration” on August 26, 2018 on baremama.com. Jordan is a La Leche League Leader in Northwest Arkansas. You can find the original post here.

Edie woke up at 6 a.m. on Wednesday, a solid two-plus hours earlier than usual.

“Mama, it’s my big girl day! Is it time for my fairy party now?”

“Almost, Sweets! It starts in just a few hours, but yes it is today!”

“Oh, Mama, I am just so excited to wear my pretty fairy dress and play with my friends! I am just so proud!”

I was physically exhausted from the night before—I cried off and on in bed after nursing her for the last time—but her enthusiasm was contagious and I knew our journey was worth celebrating. I got both girls and myself ready and we headed down the highway. We really had the loveliest time brunching picnic style beneath the trees, exploring all of the cute playhouses, admiring the art and greeting all of the gnomes and dragons spread throughout the park. We finished our day in the labyrinth, sweaty and full of gluten free donuts and kombucha—Edie’s choice of treats.

It was the perfect way to close out this chapter, which lasted almost four years! I really can’t believe it’s over, but I also can’t believe it lasted that long. The whole thing just feels surreal. I will have more thoughts on the whole experience in the near future, but for now I am still trying to process and just feel thankful.

Was weaning your child a big deal to you? Did you consider nursing to natural term? It was not at all easy, but now that it’s over I can confidently say I am so thankful I will never look back and wonder what it would have been like to let her decide she was ready. But I also know there are so many factors that can determine the length of a nursing journey, and they vary from family to family, from child to child. It may look very different with my second, we will see. For now, I will look back fondly and also focus on being present as I nurse just one babe for the first time in almost 15 months!

La Leche League Resource: No matter the age of the child you are weaning, La Leche League has information for you. You can find out more at www.llli.org/breastfeeding-info/weaning-how-to/

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