2022: Voices From New Beginnings

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Editor’s Note: As the year draws to a close, New Beginnings is using this final week of 2022 to take a look back at just a sampling of the stories that were shared by parents throughout the United States and overseas… Read More

Facing Criticism About Starting Solids: When Is Baby Ready And How To Respond

At a recent La Leche League meeting, the attendees were discussing parenting challenges they’ve faced while visiting family during the holidays. Michelle shared that last year, when her daughter, Beatrice, was about six months old, her mother-in-law was… Read More

Uyen’s Story: Reflections On Weaning

Uyen Tran, Half Moon Bay, California Our breastfeeding journey finally came to an end. We had a small party to mark our milestone together. I am possibly the only one who is sad as I am always on… Read More

Eating Wisely: Presto Pasta Meals

Debbie Landauer, Enosburg, Vermont Editor’s Note: This column originally appeared in the May-June 1998 issue of New Beginnings. We’ve updated and condensed it and thought this would be the perfect collection of quick and easy pasta recipes to… Read More

Mastitis: Updated La Leche League USA Resource Page

La Leche League USA strives to provide parents with the most current information about human milk and human milk feeding, whether that is through direct communication with volunteer Leaders or through information on the LLL USA website and… Read More