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Making A Memory

Renee DiGregorio, Burbank, California Editor’s Note: “Making A Memory” was originally published in 1995 in the La Leche League of SoCA/Nevada Area newsletter League Spirit. The following is an abridged version of the original essay. As I get… Read More

Donating Milk During A Pandemic

Human milk donation has long played an important role in saving the lives of infants, many of whom are preterm or otherwise medically fragile. This need remains during the COVID-19 pandemic, and organizations such as the Human Milk… Read More

Breastfeeding Your Distracted Baby

Recently, the La Leche League USA Facebook page shared a parent’s concern about her distracted nursling: “Jacquie J. asks, ‘My five month old barely seems to want to do anything but nurse during the day and then nurses… Read More

I Didn’t Know

Danielle Heckel, Phoenix, Arizona “I need a picture of this,” I croak at my husband. He looks at me unable to hide his surprise, “Seriously? You want a picture of THIS?” It was an odd request, because I… Read More

Parenting and Breastfeeding Through COVID-19

Grace C., Texas Editor’s Note: The following is the journey of one family with COVID-19. LLL USA realizes that illnesses can come with many levels of severity and that COVID-19 may affect your family to a greater degree. We… Read More