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Help! My Baby Wants To Be Held Constantly!

Recently, the mother of a newborn reached out to the LLL USA Facebook community with a question: “My baby is three weeks old and won’t let me put her down! Everyone told me that all babies do is… Read More

Birth Stories: My Gentle Cesarean

Lacee Cooksey Exactly one week after a failed external cephalic version (ECV) procedure*, I arrived at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center in Portland, Oregon, for a scheduled cesarean at 39 weeks pregnant. This was my first pregnancy, and… Read More


Jessica Johnson, North Carolina Editor’s Note: Jessica shared her poem with our audience to describe her experience as an exhausted and overwhelmed new parent. She hopes that those reading it know they aren’t alone if they are experiencing… Read More

Born Unable To Swallow: My Journey To Breastfeeding My Son

Jennifer Clevenger, Scio, Oregon Bodhi is my fourth baby. I was young when I had my first baby. I nursed him for a little over a week, but with little to no help I switched to formula. My… Read More

Upcoming LLL USA Events: Spotlight on LLL of MN/DAs Area Conference

Have you attended a La Leche League USA event? If not, have you wondered why you should? How would you benefit from going to a conference? New Beginnings spoke with Anne Ferguson, Area Coordinator of Events with La… Read More