Out Of The Mouths Of Nurslings: Toddler Critiques And Raves

If there’s one thing we know about toddlers, it’s that they say exactly what’s on their mind! Rachel recently shared her now adult son’s strong feelings about any milk other than hers when he was a nursling. “I… Read More

When Will My Toddler Be More Independent?

If you’ve ever worried that your toddler will never stop wanting to be carried everywhere, or if you’ve wondered if nursing has made them too dependent on you, then you are not alone. Hannah R. recently asked: “My… Read More

“The Best Thing I Ever Did Was Nurse”

Alice B. Editor’s Note: Alice B. was a La Leche League Leader in the 1970s in Indiana when her three children were small. Alice said of her time with La Leche League: “(I) successfully nursed all three children… Read More

Spotlight On La Leche League Resources: LLL USA Information Pages

Did you know that the support and information that La Leche League offers, whether online or in person, is free? There is no charge to attend a Group meeting or to speak with a Leader. The La Leche… Read More

Classic New Beginnings: Gardening – Reaping The Benefits

Janet Weidman, Oregon Editor’s Note: Over the years, many “classic” New Beginnings articles were available through both the La Leche League USA and La Leche League International websites. As these websites have been updated, the availability of the… Read More