Book Giveaway: This Is How I Grow/Asi Crezco

This Is How I Grow Book CoverYoung children seem to be naturally drawn to animals, whether that animal is a fluffy, playful kitten, a roly-poly bear cub, or a curious fox kit. Author Dia L. Michels focuses on this connection to animals and highlights the bond between parent and baby mammals in the recently released This Is How I Grow/Asi Crezco (Science Naturally, Platypus Media, LLC 2020).

This Is How I Grow/Asi Crezco is a delightful picture book that features eight different baby mammals from across the globe. Young readers will learn about the birth, nursing, and weaning experiences of mammals ranging from red kangaroos to polar bears to Asian elephants. Warm, colorful illustrations accompany each animal’s story, realistically depicting their journey as they grow from a helpless newborn to an independent member of their community.

At the end of the book, there is additional information about each animal, with answers to questions that might arise as readers pour over the details in the illustrations by Wesley Davies. Why, for example, are baby cougars spotted but the mother is not? Or, why are there ribbons in the nest of the red squirrel?

Asi Crezco Book CoverThis Is How I Grow/Asi Crezco is sure to be a much loved and viewed selection in your home library. La Leche League USA is thrilled to give away one English language copy and one Spanish language copy of this award-winning book.

We are excited to give away one copy of This Is How I Grow and one copy of Asi CrezcoEnter HERE for your chance to win.

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