Reflecting On Sweet Breastfeeding Memories

For all parents there comes a time to reflect on sweet memories from past breastfeeding days. In a recent discussion on the New Beginnings Facebook page, we asked readers to share some of their favorite moments from breastfeeding… Read More

Nursing Selfies and the Importance of Breastfeeding Art

By Erin O’Reilly, St. Louis, MO Breastfeeding art serves many purposes. Nursing artwork is meant to reflect, document, and celebrate a human activity, a part of culture, and an experience. Breastfeeding art used to be more abundant in… Read More

Parenting Conversations: Grateful For Breastfeeding

Isn’t it easy to get caught up in what is difficult, what challenges face us, and what is going wrong? And, even if we are going through something less than ideal, we often forget all the things that… Read More

Stephanie’s Story: “Breastfeeding Is A Part Of My Identity”

Stephanie Amekuedi, North Carolina, LLL USA Council I have fond memories of my childhood: from riding my bike outside for hours and playing house to making mud cakes with “chocolate” frosting in my backyard and stuffing my bra…. Read More

“The Best Thing I Ever Did Was Nurse”

Alice B. Editor’s Note: Alice B. was a La Leche League Leader in the 1970s in Indiana when her three children were small. Alice said of her time with La Leche League: “(I) successfully nursed all three children… Read More

Readers Share: Why I Breastfeed

“There is almost nothing you can do for your child in his whole life that will affect him both emotionally and physically as profoundly as breastfeeding.” The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding (8th edition), p. 5 Why did you… Read More

Hilda’s Breastfeeding Journey

Hilda Guerra, El Paso, Texas My name is Hilda Guerra and I would like to share my breastfeeding journey in hopes it will inspire others to give their little ones the gift of this precious liquid gold. I… Read More

Oh, The Places You See Breastfeeding (For The First Time)!

It’s been far too long since New Beginnings ran the feature “Oh, The Places A Breastfeeding Family Goes!” This is due, in part, to the pandemic and the lack of travel on the part of many of us…. Read More

Loving Your Body Postpartum: Part Two

Last year, a parent reached out to the LLL USA Facebook community with concerns about her postpartum body. April M. wrote: “I’m having trouble coming to terms with my postpartum body. The stretch marks on my breasts are… Read More

What Do I Need To Buy In Order To Breastfeed? 

One of the most common questions expectant or new parents ask is, “What do I need to buy to breastfeed?” If you ask a La Leche League Leader, the response will often be that you need fewer things and more support…. Read More