Reflecting On Sweet Breastfeeding Memories

For all parents there comes a time to reflect on sweet memories from past breastfeeding days. In a recent discussion on the New Beginnings Facebook page, we asked readers to share some of their favorite moments from breastfeeding their little ones. We’ve gathered some of them here. You can join in on future discussions and follow along here.

The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding (8th Edition) offers insight into the phenomenon of looking back on our parenting and human milk feeding experiences.

“Many parents are surprised by the passion they come to feel about breastfeeding. If you meet another breastfeeding family anywhere in the world, you feel a connection, no matter how different their culture is and no matter how long ago you or she breastfed your babies. Not many of us felt this passionately about breastfeeding until we did it ourselves, and many of us remember it as one of the best things we do in our lives. The experience is just that powerful.”

Jenna Y. shared about a serene experience nursing in an unexpected place. “We were sitting in the back of the dark room of the deep sea exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium when my son was just seven weeks old. It was so peaceful!” How picturesque that must have been, nursing among the marine life and bubbles.

Mother nursing toddler on beachLots of families find beautiful breastfeeding moments in nature. Kylie P. shared a favorite nursing memory from a trip to the beach. She says, “We took a family trip to Assateague Island, Maryland, to enjoy the ocean and see the wild horses. My son was about eight months old and nursing on the beach, in a little swim shirt with a hood that made him look like a shark. I felt so peaceful as we watched the waves crash. Shortly thereafter, my then-toddler daughter spotted a band of wild horses walking through the sand behind us. How exciting to see mother and foal horses!”

Véronique L. shared her memories from breastfeeding while pursuing her education. “I was in the process of writing my PhD thesis (and working full time) when I had my first child. I remember lying on my side breastfeeding him while reading some of my sources, taking notes, and writing the rough draft. When the time came to defend my thesis, I had flown with my second son, who was four-and-a-half-months old then, to the university, while my eldest had stayed home with his father. I breastfed him in the hallway and handed him over in his baby carrier to my brother, then walked into my thesis director’s office trusting he wouldn’t ask to be fed while I was in there. Breastfeeding him gave me the peace of mind I needed for the demanding conversation that followed. Some six months later, I went back to the university for my graduation, this time with both my sons. During the ceremony, the boys were with my parents, but as soon as we walked outside the auditorium, my youngest asked to be nursed. So I found a place to sit and fed him in my cap and gown. Some women walking by noticed and came over to congratulate me on earning a PhD while at the same time having two kids. I felt so proud.”

Emily M. shared that she has many memories of nursing. She shared, “I kept a note of all the different places we have breastfed. We nursed in a lot of parking lots! But a lovely memory that sticks out was during a winter walk in Sheffield Park. We sat under an oak tree in the winter sun.” The outdoors can be such a tranquil place for making nursing memories.

Many memories come out of nursing toddlers, especially after they can talk. Sweet comments from a child can make the experience of breastfeeding all the more memorable. April F. shared an experience with her four-and-a-half-year-old son, who had recently weaned. She says, “he fell and hit his head. He was sobbing, and I was consoling him in my lap and I said something like, ‘oh, I wish I could nurse you to make it all better just like magic.’ He stopped crying enough to say, ‘you still have magic, you have your hugs!’ And we sat there until he was all better.” The little boy in that story will be turning 20 soon, and it is still a very fond memory of April’s.

For some, the memories are sweet and uncomplicated. As parents, we remember the snuggles and the smiles. Mary B. shared that for her, the favorite breastfeeding memory was simple: “Cuddling my babies.” The everyday memories made at home are sometimes just as impactful as those made while adventuring with your little one.

What breastfeeding memories do you hold dear? We’d love to hear from you. Share your stories with Kylie at [email protected]

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