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Eating Wisely: Family Dinner Ideas

Autumn’s arrival brings with it the busyness of the return to school and additional activities for many families. It may sometimes be difficult to coordinate schedules to be able to sit down together to share a meal, much… Read More

Eating Wisely: My Vegan Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Experience

By Annika Lundkvist, Central Sweden Editor’s note: A vegan diet is one of many ways to make the La Leche League whole foods philosophy part of your life. I became vegan when my first child was about a… Read More

Eating Wisely: Organize Family Meals with a $2 Trick (Bonus! Classic LLL Recipes)

Kendra Atkins-Boyce, Portland, Oregon Editor’s note: Regular contributor Kendra Atkins-Boyce shares an idea for easily and inexpensively organizing meals for any busy family. While you’re contemplating your family’s mealtime, you may wish to try these recipes we pulled… Read More

Eating Wisely: Afterschool Snacks

By Kendra Atkins-Boyce, Portland, Oregon I sometimes wonder if my seven-year-old eats lunch at school the way she tears through afterschool snacks. Left unchecked, she’s been known to devour an entire bag of crackers in one sitting. I… Read More

Eating Wisely; Incorporating Vegetables

“My four-year-old twins are fairly enthusiastic eaters and don’t often complain about or reject what I prepare for them. They absolutely love fruit! Vegetables are another story. It doesn’t seem to matter what vegetable I give them because… Read More