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Making It Work: Caregivers and Breastfed Babies

As you return to work after the arrival of your baby, there are many concerns you may have about your baby’s care. That list probably includes questions about feeding and responding appropriately to all of your baby’s needs…. Read More

Breastfeeding During A Pandemic: Making it Work (From Home)

Amanda Sweet, Cincinnati, Ohio Like many people in early spring of 2020, my spouse and I found ourselves unexpectedly working from home during stay-at-home orders and school cancellations. And like many parents, we found ourselves having to balance… Read More

Making It Work: An Opportunity To Bring My Child To My Workplace

Angie Cantrell is the Director of Community Engagement at a nonprofit breastfeeding center in Omaha, Nebraska. Angie and her husband, Jesse, have four children. Angie spoke with New Beginnings several months ago about having the opportunity to bring… Read More

How Do I Make Pumping At Work More Enjoyable?

Let’s face it. Pumping at work probably isn’t the highlight of your day. If that’s the case, you’re definitely not alone. Jane W. recently posed a question to La Leche League USA: “I hate pumping at work. What… Read More

Returning To Work

Sadie Wright, Queens, New York I felt the sensation that usually would cue me to look at my baby to see if he needed feeding — my breasts filling up with milk. However, I was back at work,… Read More

Making It Work: Why I Avoid The ‘Freezer Stash’

Emily Hahn, Mount Holly Springs, Pennsylvania Editor’s Note: The author shares the experience of returning to work, pumping, and providing enough breast milk for the following day without maintaining a supply of frozen breast milk. Many parents who pump… Read More

Working and Breastfeeding: My Experience with Hand Expression

Hanna N. Wetzel, Cincinnati, Ohio Like most women who plan to go back to work after baby, I bought a breast pump before giving birth. Unlike most, it has sat untouched in my closet. I remember receiving it… Read More

Breastfeeding While Attending School

Eliza M. shares: “I was 17 when I had my son and the school that I attended was not breastfeeding friendly. They pressured me so hard into just pumping for two months and giving him formula. But I… Read More

Making It Work: Reconnecting with Your Partner

“My partner and I both work outside of the home. We have a nine-month-old son. Since we’re already away from our son so much due to work, we’re hesitant to leave him more than necessary outside of work… Read More

Making It Work; a Good Morning Routine

“I am returning to full-time work when my son is three months old. My son will be going to an in-home daycare where I’ll be able to stop in at lunch to nurse him. It was often difficult… Read More