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Celebrating Loving Support!!

Father’s Day is celebrated this coming Sunday, June 16, 2019, in the United States. New Beginnings is using this week’s blog to highlight several families, sharing and celebrating different ways that fathers support their own breastfeeding families.

Alexander (Alex) Gonzalez and Mirranda Anderson, Dallas, Texas

Mirranda and Alex’s son, Nate, was diagnosed with tongue and lip-tie after being unable to latch on to either breast or bottle. As Nate continued to struggle to willingly nurse, Alex offered to use an at breast supplementer, along with Mirranda, to see if he could help feed Nate.

Alex using a breast supplementer, feeding Nate

Alex wearing the breast supplementer, feeding and holding Nate

Mirranda writes, “The photo I wanted to send/post was of Alex wearing the (at breast supplementer). It’s not even the biggest way I feel he supports me, but it definitely made me laugh and smile. The biggest way he is supportive is that he sets alarms and wakes me up to feed our son. I tried but find myself sleeping through them.”

Antonio holding and hugging his youngest babyNayra Perez captured this sweet moment between her husband, Antonio Febus, and their youngest child at one month old in Clarksville, Tennessee.

Karen J. Abraham writes:  “I recently had to have an upper endoscopy done (brief procedure requiring anesthesia). My husband drove me into New York City from New Jersey and found a cord so I could pump in the car on the way there. I nursed our daughter (baby #3) before the procedure. Then I helped my husband put her in the baby carrier so he could keep working while I had the procedure. She slept in the carrier on my husband until after I felt aware enough to get ready to go. Seeing him baby wearing her, while carrying my pump and his work bag, was great.”

Laura Aimone of Charlottesville, Virginia, writes of her husband, Ben Clore: “My daughter was in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for 18 hours before I was able to go down and see her. This is my husband storing the milk I pumped and cleaning pump parts.”

Ben storing pumped milk and cleaning pump parts

“Here he is feeding her my pumped milk through a nasogastric (ng) tube.”

Ben feeding his daughter pumped milk through a nasogastric (ng) tube

Aspen Rogers via Facebook: My husband and I just had our third baby on May 7th. I had preeclampsia and was induced two weeks early then was readmitted a week later for new symptoms. My husband has taken this opportunity to wake up early on days when he isn’t working and take the baby downstairs so I can get a few blissful hours of sleep. He’s downstairs half the week with a tiny baby, an almost two-year-old, and 3.5 year old for four hours or more at a time, all the while working 12 hour shifts three or four days a week.

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