Chocolate Milk: The Documentary Series

Mom breastfeeding her baby. In the background other moms are nursing too.La Leche League USA is proud to support the documentary, Chocolate Milk: The Documentary Series. ( and honored to be able to share an update about this important film with you.  We offer you excerpts from the website, along with short videos from featured guests.

Chocolate Milk: The Documentary is a production of The African American Breastfeeding Project, a multi-media initiative to normalize breastfeeding by collecting personal narratives and creating an online database of resources and groups serving African American mothers across the U.S.”

Chocolate Milk: The Documentary 

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“Chocolate Milk is a food documentary that takes a detailed look at black motherhood, breastfeeding, and the multi-billion dollar business of feeding black babies.

Synopsis: What do race, sex, nutrition and motherhood have in common?  They all play a role in the gap between breastfeeding rates for African American women compared to White and Latino women in the U.S.”

Chocolate Milk: Lucretia’s story

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Lucretia describes the biggest challenge to being a working and breastfeeding mom and why women should be trusted with that choice.

Chocolate Milk: Renee’s story

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IBCLC Renee Pearson shares how her personal experience with breastfeeding led to her work in the field.

Chocolate Milk: Mary’s story

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LLL Leader, IBCLC, and conference attendee Mary Muse describes her work in the community.

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