Giving Tuesday: Grateful For LLL USA

Yocheved standing in front of a wall with painted sunflowersYocheved “Hedi” Herrmann-Blanton

I am giving my holiday bonus to La Leche League USA. I work as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) in a dream job that didn’t exist when I was growing up. If not for La Leche League, it still would not exist. I have been giving my time and love to La Leche League every day because a wonderful Leader answered my frantic call almost 40 years ago. I will be forever grateful. That is why today, and every Friday, I am on call. When my phone rings, I pick it up. I know I have the knowledge to help. But more important are the finely honed helping skills that La Leche League taught me. Giving Tuesday reminds me to give and to encourage others to show their gratitude. There is nothing like a La Leche Leader!

Hedi's LLL Group meeting outdoors

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