Looking Back: Billy Listened

Family with newbornJune Campbell, Springfield, Ohio

Editor’s Note: Published in the January-February 1974 issue of La Leche League News (originally from the La Leche League of Ohio LLL newsletter). The first issue of La Leche League News, the bimonthly publication for members, was published in 1958. The name changed to New Beginnings in 1985. New Beginnings continued to be published by La Leche League International until it was transferred to LLL USA in 2010. In 2014, it transitioned to its current blog format at www.lllusa.org/blog/.

When our new baby Jay and I sat down to nurse, 20-month-old Billy would get into things – things he normally wasn’t allowed to do. I knew he was showing his hurt and jealousy, and it hurt me to see him so upset. My invitations to come and sit by me and we would read his favorite books were not accepted.

One day while this scene was being repeated, I began to recite some of the poems and stories I had memorized from reading them so often. Billy’s behavior changed immediately. He stopped and looked and listened, though he didn’t come close. He seemed to sense that I still cared about and loved him even though the baby was in my arms. I recited from then on, and gradually Billy’s total behavior improved. It was definitely the turning point toward his acceptance of the new family situation.

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