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Out of the Mouths of Nurslings: A Surprising Voice


I am now 65 years old, mother of three sons and grandmother to six. My youngest son is the proud father of a four-year-old son, who was exclusively breastfed. My son was very proud and supportive of his wife and nursing son.

When this youngest son of mine was born, he was 9 pounds, 12 ounces, and a husky, thriving little guy who self-weaned at 2 years, 6 months. He had a very deep voice. He was precocious and spoke very clearly.

One time when his father and I had company, we were visiting in the living room, and evidently our conversation woke our son. On awakening at our voices, my son came stomping down the hall, his deep voice booming out to me, “I want some ‘Ninny’, Mom!”

I had to laugh at the confused looks on our guests’ faces as my big boy appeared around the corner.

“I thought you had a baby! This kid is as big as you are!” my guest said. That bothered me not a bit, and my boy climbed into my lap to nurse. He was half as tall as I was at the age of two and a half years old.

During a time when breastfeeding was not only uncommon in our community, but also misunderstood and sometimes frowned upon, I surrounded myself with other friends who breastfed and self-weaned. We made our own support system, and we made wonderful, wonderful memories.

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