Out of the Mouths of Nurslings: Autumn Giggles

Here we go again! Readers share candid moments with their little ones, including sleepy “milkies”, lucky nursing sessions, and simply loving their bonding time at the breast. We hope these sweet and funny recollections brighten your day and bring a smile to your face.

Caroline K.’s son.

Caroline K. takes us back to a conversation with her first child and his suggestion for waking up the “milkies.”

“I was attending La Leche League meetings with my first child. He was about two years old, nursing, and still waking several times each night. I asked for advice to help get more sleep and was told to tell him that the milkies went to sleep each night and he could have them again when the sun was up. So the next night, I told him the milkies were asleep. He thought for a second, then swatted the side of one of my breasts and yelled, ‘Wake up!’ I cracked up laughing and nursed him to sleep!”

Susan T. in New York tells us about her little one’s way of expressing the combination of love and nourishment that breastfeeding gives him.

“Tonight I asked L. why he likes breastfeeding, and he said it’s because of getting both milk and Mama at the same time. I asked him what he means, and he said, ‘It’s milk and hugs together.’ I told him we could try a new thing where either of us can just say ‘more hugs’ and try to give more hugs so that he gets more of that during the day.”

And then there’s preschooler Jon, who woke one morning to discover an unexpected treat after his first night in his “big boy bed.”

“Leigh’s preschooler, Jon, was only nursing a couple times at night, and rarely during the day. Leigh and her husband talked to him off and on for several days and told him that he seemed ready to sleep in his big boy bed all night without ‘nur.’ The plan was that, beginning that weekend, if he needed anything at night, Daddy would be available. Jon accepted this and Daddy checked in on him several times during that first night. Jon was happy and proud about sleeping in his big boy bed all night.

“However, Leigh hadn’t realized how much milk Jon was still getting in the night. She woke up engorged and afraid that she was headed for a plugged duct, or worse. She went to Jon and said, ‘Mommy needs you to ‘nur’ because Mommy has too much milk.’ Jon looked up with a huge grin and said, ‘Wow! This must be my lucky day!’”

Has your child ever said something so clever, endearing, hilarious or simply surprising that you couldn’t help but share it with those around you? Out of the Mouths of Nurslings gives parents of nurslings a place to share those words with readers around the United States and even the world.

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