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Out of the Mouths of Nurslings: Late Summer Edition

toddler in jeans and t-shirt standing in front of a fence, looking at the cameraA toddler who can sniff out human milk? Hilarious miscommunication with an elderly party guest? We’re back with more sweet, funny moments that highlight the often comedic times that are part of life with verbal nurslings.

Caren F. shares her son’s nursing “super power”: “After having been separated from me for a couple of hours, my son, then about two and a half, stood on the other side of our gate and said, ‘Mmmm, I can smell your milky.’”

Susan T. recalls a scene at a graduation party where her daughter’s understanding of a certain word didn’t quite match up with a fellow guest: “While attending a graduation party, my two-year-old nursling, Beth, was enjoying sampling the munchies laid out on a table. I was sitting nearby chatting with a friend. Beth called nursing ‘Booos’, but she had not asked to nurse since we arrived at the party. l was about to offer her some water to go with her snacks. There was a beautiful bowl with a green margarita punch. I watched as she picked up a plastic cup and eyed the bowl. Just then an elderly gentleman walked up to the table and poured himself a cup. Beth lifted her cup and with a beautiful smile pointed to the bowl and said, ‘Some please.’ The man looked at her and said, ‘Oh no, sweetie, you can’t have that. It has booze in it.’ I watched my daughter’s eyes grow big as she looked at the bowl again and then, with an even bigger smile, lifted the cup again and announced, ‘That’s okay! My mommy gives me booos all the time!’”

Susan’s grandchildren

Has your child ever said something so clever, endearing, hilarious or simply surprising that you couldn’t help but share it with those around you? Out of the Mouths of Nurslings gives parents of nurslings a place to share those words with readers around the United States and even the world.

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