Out of the Mouths of Nurslings: Nipple Confusion

Child looking in camera, surprised Our readers have been so generous about sharing entertaining anecdotes that we just have to include another sweet story before the year comes to an end. Cindy from Massachusetts has a memory from decades ago, when her young daughter – who was only familiar with breastfeeding – was unaware of the preparation that went into bottle feeding at that time.

“My daughter, now 32, was just three years old when her brother was born. Our neighbors also had a baby, and we went to give her a gift. While I was nursing my son, my neighbor’s baby started to cry, and my neighbor jumped up to get ready to feed the baby. My daughter said, ‘Mommy, why does she have to leave the room to get his milk? Doesn’t she have any more?’ My neighbor laughed and said, ‘No, honey, I have to boil the nipples first.’

My daughter said, ‘But Mommy, isn’t that going to hurt?’”

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