Out Of The Mouths Of Nurslings: Overseas Trip Edition

Boy eating and smilingAnne-Marie Studer, Grand Forks, North Dakota

As your nursling has gotten older and more independent and comfortable with longer separations from you, you may have had some very entertaining conversations once you were reunited. This was definitely the case for Anne-Marie when she returned home from an overseas trip and her longest separation to date.

I just returned from a trip home to see my parents and brother in Ireland. I haven’t seen them in over two years and I was particularly excited to meet my nephew (now two years old!). When my husband offered to stay home with all three kids, I jumped at the chance! Well, I didn’t jump right away. I’ve never been apart from my children for more than two nights, and my youngest, soon to be three years old, is still nursing. I decided to go for it and spent a little over a week in Ireland. It did my soul good to be able to see and hug my parents and brother again.

When I returned home, my older two were more excited to play with the Lego sets I had brought them as gifts. My youngest squealed with excitement when he saw me and asked to nurse right away. When I told him there might not be much milk left, he looked long and hard at my breasts and said, No, there’s lots of milk in there still! I want some milk before my nap.

And so the weaning journey continues.”

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