Out of the Mouths of Nurslings: Sweet Siblings

Our children have the sweetest and sometimes funniest comments. The innocence of a young child’s viewpoints on pregnancy and nursing are sure to bring a smile to any breastfeeding supporter’s face. We hope you’ll enjoy these stories and encourage you to send in your own.

Darke County Live Love Latch Event, Mother sitting on couch tandemfeeding her toddler an baby“My three-year-old was nursing just occasionally while I was pregnant. After the baby was born, I was nursing the new baby when my friend brought my three-year-old to see us in the hospital. She asked if she could climb up on the bed and nurse along with the baby. I said yes. She snuggled up and started nursing on the other side and after about five sucks stopped and looked up with surprise and said, ‘Mama, there’s milk!’ Apparently, she had been nursing mostly for comfort and not been getting very much milk in the last few months!” – Marguerite G.

What a sweet big sister, finally rewarded for her patience. It is so funny to get into the mindset of a little one, especially along the topics of breastfeeding and pregnancy. Linda shared a story with us about nursing while expecting.

“While I was pregnant, my 20-month-old son continued to nurse. I had heard that many children will stop nursing during pregnancy as the milk changes over to colostrum, but he was showing no signs of slowing down. I was curious, so I asked him one day, ‘Does the milk taste the same?’ He said, ‘No, Mama. Apple juice!’ So now we know!” -Linda A.

Nursing provides such great comfort to little ones awaiting a new sibling. Kylie shared a story of how her toddler daughter reacted to seeing her new little brother nursing.

“When I would sit on the couch and nurse my son as a newborn, I always brought a big drink of water with me and sat down to get comfy and breastfeed. One day, I saw my daughter mimicking me by fluffing pillows and bringing her water bottle and baby doll along, so I asked her ‘What are you doing?’ She said, ‘My baby needs milkies, too!’”

Has your little one said something memorable? Send your anecdotes to Kylie at [email protected]

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