Rest is Best

Laura and her son

Laura E. Mayer, Fairfax, Virginia

Breastfeeding was emotionally and physically hard for my baby and me, so we had to supplement early starting on day five. He wasn’t diagnosed with lip and tongue-ties until 7.5 weeks. This explained my undersupply and his colic and reluctance to nurse. I still wanted to breastfeed, however, so I called upon my breastfeeding community for help: family, friends, and La Leche League. La Leche League’s monthly meetings and one-on-one support were my lifeline in getting my baby and me back to breastfeeding. Now at 42 weeks (or almost 10 months old), my baby and I are nursing strong! Amidst busyness and other parenting challenges, I find such peace and joy in our breastfeeding bond, and this poem is a reminder and celebration of our journey.

“Rest is Best”

By Laura E Mayer  


I make the bed

Turn on white sound

Close the blinds

And we lie down


Covers pulled up

You face my chest

My arm around you

You latch my breast


Grasping my skin

Pushing your feet

Humming, grunting

When is milk-release?


Noisy gulps

Hands still explore

Eyes are closed

Will you ask for more?


Limbs start to slow

Fingers tickle my skin

Tugging to fluttering

Sleep begins


Occasional sips

Slow rolling breath

A life-giving hug

Flows from my chest


You guzzle again

And more milk pours

Nourishment and sleep

Are your little world


Clutter abound

Dishes still dirty

Nini’s coming at 3!

But what’s the hurry?


My blood-shot eyes

Give way to rest

Peacefully aware

I like this best


Gentle sigh

I snuggle in

My baby and I

For the win!


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