Traveling With Fen

Rose holding her daughter Fen
One of her first smiles in an ice cream parlor in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

Rose, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

My baby girl Fen came 22 days early via emergency cesarean towards the end of June. My husband had a two-week business trip six weeks later. He didn’t want to leave us at home, so we came along. We stayed in four hotels, and took Fen to the Cincinnati Zoo to feed a giraffe and see Fiona the hippo. Fen and I also explored a couple of cities in Ohio while my husband worked.

Fen never latched, so I pumped every three hours or so, which was difficult while traveling. Keeping everything clean was a challenge, and I did have some mishaps along the way. I had to pump in a bathroom; a male housekeeping employee at a hotel in Kentucky walked in on me while I was topless, and I had to do lots of pumping in the car between cities.

It was a great adventure, and I’d definitely do it all again.

Film roll showing various photos of Rosa's trip with Fen
(1) Fen and me on a balcony in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. (2) Fen watching Fiona and Bibi the hippos eat. (3) Fen feeding a pregnant giraffe lettuce with her dad. (4) Resting between tears at the Taft art museum in Cincinnati, Ohio. (5) Sitting on a bench in Cincinnati with a baseball mascot.

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