Looking Back: Born With A Clubfoot

Linda Shawcross, Colorado Editor’s Note: Published in the January-February 1982 issue of La Leche League News (originally from the Montana, Wyoming, Colorado LLL newsletter, Building Blocks). The first issue of La Leche League News, the bimonthly publication for members, was published in 1958. The name… Read More


Erica Goehring, Washington, Pennsylvania I had always wanted to be a mother. I had explored the many details of pregnancy, babies, and parenting for years. I felt ready for the next chapter of the life my husband and… Read More

The Necessity of Community in all Stages of Breastfeeding

Kate R., California Silence. There was silence. My baby was born on the bedroom floor, and he didn’t cry. I put him to my chest, and he attempted to nurse. My perfect little one didn’t even know he… Read More

Hilda’s Breastfeeding Journey

Hilda Guerra, El Paso, Texas My name is Hilda Guerra and I would like to share my breastfeeding journey in hopes it will inspire others to give their little ones the gift of this precious liquid gold. I… Read More

Rebecca’s Story: Parenting During Uncertain Times

Rebecca H. McCormick, Fairfax, Virginia My son is as old as COVID-19.  Born in December 2019, he was not even three months old when lockdown began. I was just coming out of the newborn fog when everything shut… Read More