Breastfeeding: I Am Thankful Because…

Feeling thankful for breastfeeding, parents shared their gratitude for the role that breastfeeding has played in their parenting journeys.

Fatimah’s Baby

Our journey was rough, from NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) admission at eight days old to my milk supply drying up, then pumping every two and one-half hours even at night, getting my supply back, being infected with candida (oral thrush), mastitis, and at last blocked (milk) ducts. I felt I was fighting to breastfeed because the choice to not breastfeed was so easy just by looking at the formula: “Why bother and go through all this pain? Can’t you see how easy it is to feed a baby?”

I kept on. I know “liquid gold” and the miracles lurking inside and how it saves you from breast cancer. But, my reason was to see pure love; yes, those pure deep love looks and smiles your baby gives you when they breastfeed. You feel, “I’m complete now, I’m whole.” When your baby needs comfort you’d comfort him so easily that you feel you’ve got superpowers. You feel that the world is small, that it fits in these eyes.

(I have been breastfeeding for) three months now and am hoping to make it to two years.

Fatimah Salman via Facebook

I decided to breastfeed my baby because I needed to feed him and I had learned it was the best food I could give him. Twenty-nine years later I am thankful that I had LLL friends to guide me throughout the six years I breastfed my two children because the benefits of breastfeeding exceeded my expectations. The thing I am most thankful for now is the relationship it helped me establish with them: the way it helped me mother them, being present for them, being able to meet their needs, making family first, making them feel safe, wanted, loved. All this comes naturally as you breastfeed, and even if you could see it as a good side effect, the truth is that to me today, it has become the most important reason to breastfeed!

Astrid Gomar de Pérez via Facebook

Genna’s Baby

I am grateful I was able to share my antibodies with my son, helping his immune system to develop and helping him stay healthier.

Genna Ward via Facebook

Oh, how many ways I am thankful for breastfeeding!

For the wonder, the beauty of being able to continue to provide nourishment and comfort for our baby, from my body that has provided all that he has needed for months as he was growing inside of me.

Even for those painful afterbirth contractions that were often brought on by breastfeeding in those early days in the hospital that let me know my body was returning to its pre-pregnancy state.

For the ease, convenience, and availability of breast milk when baby is hungry, or tired, or overwhelmed.

For the calories it burns, helping me shed those extra pounds from too many indulgences during pregnancy.

For the beautiful bond it forms between mother and child, one that no other shares.

I’m thankful that breast milk provides immunities that our baby needs, especially during sick seasons.

And how amazing it is that breast milk can be used for all sorts of ailments!

Oh, how very thankful I am to be able to provide for the needs of our young!

Amanda Schmidt Kilpatrick via Facebook

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