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Breastfeeding While Attending School

Eliza nurses her son while taking a selfie in the mirrorEliza M. shares: “I was 17 when I had my son and the school that I attended was not breastfeeding friendly. They pressured me so hard into just pumping for two months and giving him formula. But I said, ‘No. I want to have a breastfeeding journey, and I am determined to give baby what’s best.’

“The first day back to school after my six week leave was my first day back and my last day! I hated how they treated me! They did not let me pump for more than five or ten minutes and I could only pump two times. (I kept getting engorged and full very quickly).

“I found out that a school my cousin went to was a half day credit school. It’s all computer work. It’s 8 am -12, and it has childcare. I instantly applied to the school and within a week I got accepted. I told the daycare staff how I was still breastfeeding and not planning on giving him formula because that’s my choice. They said it was fine. They’d call me when he does his hunger cues. I adjusted to the school quickly. I loved the teachers, staff, front door people, and principal. They were all supportive to mothers and breastfeeding moms!

“My breastfeeding journey was only rough because of the last school. I did not let them pressure me into formula feeding or giving up breastfeeding! Now my son is 16 months and still breastfeeding with the help of all the support I got from my current school and from many people around me!

A support system is very, very important with wanting to breastfeed your child longer because people judge a lot and don’t want you to do what you’re supposed to with your breast, but I did not let school or judgmental people stop me.”

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