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Looking Ahead to 2021 Live, Love, Latch!® and National Breastfeeding Month

August is National Breastfeeding Month in the United States, and La Leche League USA celebrates the month with its annual signature event: Live, Love, Latch!®  La Leche League USA Leaders, Areas, and Groups host Live, Love, Latch!® events throughout… Read More

LLL USA Events Continue Virtually

La Leche League USA is excited to share the virtual events planned for the summer and fall! Even though the pandemic has prevented in-person events, there are lots of excellent online opportunities to gather information and connect with other breastfeeding/chestfeeding… Read More

Upcoming LLL USA Events: Spotlight on LLL of MN/DAs Area Conference

Have you attended a La Leche League USA event? If not, have you wondered why you should? How would you benefit from going to a conference? New Beginnings spoke with Anne Ferguson, Area Coordinator of Events with La… Read More

Upcoming LLL USA Events

Fall has arrived. Depending on your location, leaves are beginning to change color, and a chill is in the air during the evening and early morning. Events are also beginning to pop up on the LLL USA calendar…. Read More

Celebrate Breastfeeding In August With LLL USA and Live, Love, Latch!

Live, Love, Latch!® is a National Breastfeeding Month (August 1-31) celebration presented by La Leche League USA and hosted by LLL Groups throughout the country. Live, Love, Latch!® events are designed not only to celebrate breastfeeding, but also… Read More

Upcoming LLL USA Events

Does your November calendar include a workshop or conference put on by La Leche League USA? There are a number of opportunities available as we near the end of the year. These events give you the chance to… Read More

Upcoming LLL USA Events

Fall can be a busy, hectic time for many families as the back-to-school routine and all of the accompanying activities quickly fill calendars. Make time for an LLL USA event in order to gather the latest breastfeeding information… Read More

Upcoming LLL USA Events

Summer is in full swing, and many LLL USA areas are busy planning conferences and workshops for later in the summer and throughout the fall. The LLL of New York Area Conference — Breastfeeding in the Millennium  —… Read More

Upcoming LLL USA Events

Texas, Colorado, and Southern California/Nevada are preparing to host conferences later in the summer and fall for interested parents, LLL Leaders and professionals. These conferences and workshops are excellent opportunities to gather the latest breastfeeding information and to… Read More

Upcoming LLL USA Events

Spring is just around the corner. After what has been a cold and snowy winter for many in the United States, your family may be eager to get out and explore. Be sure to include a 2018 LLL… Read More