Looking Ahead to 2021 Live, Love, Latch!® and National Breastfeeding Month

Live, Love, Latch LogoAugust is National Breastfeeding Month in the United States, and La Leche League USA celebrates the month with its annual signature event: Live, Love, Latch!®  La Leche League USA Leaders, Areas, and Groups host Live, Love, Latch!® events throughout August. These events are a chance not only to celebrate and raise awareness of breastfeeding, but also to shine the spotlight on community support of breastfeeding.

You can find all the 2021 celebrations by checking the Live, Love, Latch!® web page map: https://lllusa.org/live-love-latch/. All events this year will be virtual due to the ongoing global pandemic. That means you will be able to attend as many celebrations as you want from anywhere!

LLL USA is hosting a virtual 5K Run, Walk, Ride as part of the 2021 Live, Love, Latch!® celebration. Find out all about this event on the Live, Love, Latch!® Facebook page and the dedicated web page at lllusa.org/live-love-latch-5k-2021/.

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“Run, walk, ride, swim, unicycle, stroll, crawl…get creative! Our hope is to get people moving and to raise awareness of the need for breastfeeding support in the community, so no matter your ability, get out and go! If all you can manage is a stroll around the block with your newborn or if you decide to run a marathon distance, snap a selfie and share your beautiful faces with us, using #LiveLoveLatch, #LiveLoveLatch2021, and #LiveLoveLatch5K2021 on social media!

While raising donations is highly appreciated, the goal of our event is to raise awareness, not funding.  Although a fundraiser is set-up by default when you register, please do not feel obligated to raise funds. Only one individual from your party needs to officially register. We will ask you for the total number of participants in your family/party during registration. You only need to register individuals if you would like to earn fundraising giveaways individually.

If you do choose to raise funds, fundraisers will earn Live, Love, Latch!® 5K giveaways at these different fundraising levels:

  • Free – digital certificate of participation (customized with individual or family names)
  • Raise $25+ – receive certificate + an engraved 5K medal
  • Raise $50+ – receive all the above + Live, Love, Latch!® 5K t-shirt
  • Raise $100+ – receive all the above + a second Live, Love, Latch® 5K t-shirt and a Live, Love, Latch® 5K Stainless Steel Water Bottle.”

Ashley Mazzanti, the Live, Love, Latch!® Coordinator for LLL USA, added: “We are excited to add some new elements to celebrate Live, Love, Latch!® in 2021! LLL USA will be hosting the first annual national virtual 5K Run, Walk, Ride and some fun giveaways. Make sure to follow along on social media to enjoy and share the awareness for the full month of August for National Breastfeeding Month.”

In addition to holding Live, Love, Latch!® events throughout August, LLL USA will be observing the 2021 weekly themes as outlined by the United States Breastfeeding Committee (USBC):


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