Reaching Out For Help: How La Leche League Leaders Provide Support

Have you ever wondered what happens when you contact a La Leche League Leader for information? Love A., a Leader with the Durham, North Carolina, La Leche League Group, shared a recent email interaction (with permission) that she… Read More

Spotlight On La Leche League Resources: LLL USA Information Pages

Did you know that the support and information that La Leche League offers, whether online or in person, is free? There is no charge to attend a Group meeting or to speak with a Leader. The La Leche… Read More

Tips For Attending In-Person La Leche League Meetings

Many La Leche League USA Groups are beginning to hold in-person meetings again after meeting virtually over the past couple years due to the pandemic. Since in-person meetings have been suspended for a while, many parents haven’t yet… Read More

La Leche League USA Meetings and Events Update

Sara’s baby is four weeks old, and Sara is exhausted. Sara is still trying to adjust to frequent night waking and wonders if it’s time to let her partner take over nighttime feedings so she can get more… Read More

Virtual Support: Attending Online La Leche League Meetings

For nearly a year, La Leche League meetings have been offered exclusively online. La Leche League Leaders have shifted the welcoming and informative atmosphere of in-person meetings to a virtual format, striving to meet the needs of parents… Read More

Hard Things Get Better

Jessica Santini-Levenhagen, Grand Forks, North Dakota Editor’s Note: This essay was originally published in the Fall 2020 edition of Northern LLLights, the Area Newsletter for La Leche League of MN/Das. When my second son, Holden, was born in… Read More

Annika’s Story: Overcoming Obstacles and Breastfeeding Advocacy

By Annika Lundkvist, Stockholm region, Sweden. At the beginning, nursing my son was a seamless experience. A few minutes after his birth in November 2013 in Honolulu, Hawaii, he was at my breast and, with a little assistance… Read More

My Breastfeeding Journey: Unexpected Hurdles and Carrying My Mother With Me

Jessica Tudor Elliott, Sacramento, California Becoming a mother is a profound experience. When I entered the journey to motherhood, I honestly had no idea how profound this experience would be for me. My mother was a La Leche… Read More

La Leche League’s Impact on My Life: A Father’s Perspective

Editor’s Note: Peter Jackson Larney Scherer of Los Angeles, California, recently held a birthday fundraiser for LLL USA through the LLL USA Facebook page. Peter’s initial goal was $200. He met his goal and beyond with the total amount… Read More

My Partner’s Unwavering Support

Lindsay Robinson, Columbus, Ohio When I became pregnant with our first child, I imagined a picture perfect scene of me easily nursing our beautiful baby, full of love and happiness with my wife being blissfully supportive by my… Read More