How Breastfeeding Helped Me Potty Train My Child

Theresa Hehner, Alaska My daughter was two years old when I discovered that our breastfeeding relationship could help me potty train her. I was intrigued. She was my fourth child. I already had experience potty training my three… Read More

Rebecca’s Story: Parenting During Uncertain Times

Rebecca H. McCormick, Fairfax, Virginia My son is as old as COVID-19.  Born in December 2019, he was not even three months old when lockdown began. I was just coming out of the newborn fog when everything shut… Read More

Looking Back: A Baby’s Needs

Clare Vettar, Kentucky Published in the January-February 1983 issue of La Leche League News (originally from the Kentucky LLL newsletter, Bluegrass Babes). The first issue of La Leche League News, the bimonthly publication for members, was published in 1958. The… Read More

Encouragement Through the Struggles: Part 2

Earlier this year, New Beginnings published a blog post that focused on the topic of helping your partner during breastfeeding difficulties. This post was prompted by a question on the La Leche League USA Facebook page posed by… Read More

Helping Siblings Adjust To A New Baby

Tara G., Utah I have three children, and my experiences with helping each of the two oldest adjust to the addition of a sibling has been different with each of them. When my oldest was born, we only… Read More

Drive Time: Soothing My Fussy Baby

Marcie B., Nebraska “If you have a hard-to-settle baby for reasons you can’t just figure out, life is tougher at first. It may help to put a smiley face on the calendar on those days when your baby… Read More

Encouragement Through the Struggles: Part 1

When you are faced with something that feels impossible and you struggle to believe you can succeed, what gives you the confidence and determination to focus on moving past that hurdle? What if you aren’t the one struggling,… Read More

What Worked For You During The Early Days Of Parenting?

What do you remember about the early days of parenting? Perhaps it’s the late nights, early mornings, and frequent feedings. Or maybe it’s the cuddles you shared with your newborn as you gazed at those tiny fingers and… Read More

I Can: Turning My Parenting Doubts Around

As a new parent, I was unsure of so many things. My experiences to that point were nothing like the books I read during pregnancy (I hadn’t yet been introduced to The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding.) Why did… Read More

Ideas For Exercising With Little Ones Present

How do you fit exercise into your daily life? As a parent of small children, you’re typically in motion. However, this doesn’t equal a satisfying workout for everyone. Recently, Jen posed this question to the LLL USA Facebook… Read More