Chocolate Milk: The Documentary Series

Still from the Chocolate Milk documentary portraying an African American mother nursing her babyLa Leche League USA is proud to support the documentary, Chocolate Milk: The Documentary Series. ( and honored to be able to share information about this important film with you.  We offer you excerpts from the website, along with short videos from featured guests.

Chocolate Milk: The Documentary is a production of The African American Breastfeeding Project, a multi-media initiative to normalize breastfeeding by collecting personal narratives and creating an online database of resources and groups serving African American mothers across the U.S.”

Chocolate Milk: The Documentary 

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“Chocolate Milk is a food documentary that takes a detailed look at black motherhood, breastfeeding, and the multi-billion dollar business of feeding black babies.

Synopsis: What do race, sex, nutrition and motherhood have in common?  They all play a role in the gap between breastfeeding rates for African American women compared to White and Latino women in the U.S.”

Chocolate Milk: Tanya’s Story

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“From nutrition to bonding, breastfeeding is fundamental to the physical and emotional development of a healthy child.  But If breastfeeding is so crucial, why aren’t more black mothers doing it?  Chocolate Milk explores how slavery, economics, and society have influenced the way black Americans view intimacy, health and the right and wrong way to raise a child.”

Chocolate Milk: Essence’s Story

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The series will be expanded into “a feature-length documentary about breastfeeding in the black community.  With interviews from health experts, academics, and mothers, we hope to reveal the complex web of social and economic pressures, as well as the $11.5 billion formula industry, that make it difficult to establish breastfeeding as a social norm in the black community.  But there is hope in the numerous women across the country who’ve organized to create culturally relevant breastfeeding support systems in their own communities.”

Chocolate Milk: Tierra’s Story

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Stay tuned for more information, as LLL USA will continue to share highlights throughout the year.  The documentary is scheduled to be released in August 2018.

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