Inspiration In The New Year

AJ Cecil-Starlin, Iowa

Editor’s Note: Are you ready to begin 2021 in a positive, hopeful state of mind? You are not alone! So, let’s start the New Year off with one reader’s inspiring look back as she shares a social media post that celebrates overcoming the obstacles she faced in her breastfeeding relationship.

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AJ's baby nursingSix Years Ago, December 12, 2014:

“I did it! I never really thought I could, but Eliza and I have been breastfeeding for a year today! An entire year! When she was three days old and refused to latch, I was sure that I wouldn’t succeed at breastfeeding again for the third time. I cried when we had to supplement because she hadn’t had a wet diaper in 12 hours. We battled a nipple shield and bad latch and eight awful weeks of mastitis. We survived having the abscess drained and five days of a surgical drain and avoided thrush over 10 weeks of antibiotics! I know what made the difference this time: all the support I had is what got us through. Thank you all for supporting and encouraging and making this such an enjoyable year! Cheers and here’s to another successful year (or two)!”


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