2020: Voices From New Beginnings

Editor’s Note: As this year draws to a close, we look back at 12 months that we probably never expected to experience. Yet, despite the pandemic that brought changes to nearly every aspect of our lives, we continued in our work of parenting, nurturing, and nourishing our children. We experienced joy and heartbreak, frustration and laughter. If one thing was obvious over the past year, it was that the work of a parent never ceases.

Lauren J. Turner sitting in front of one of her paintings of a baby nursingOnce again, New Beginnings is using this final week of the year to take a look back at just a sampling of the stories shared by our readers that grabbed our attention and stuck with us. If you’d like to take a look back even further, click here for our selected blog posts from 2019: lllusa.org/2019-voices-from-new-beginnings/.

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Please send your story ideas to Amy at [email protected].

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