Lactation Equity: The Heart of Jasmine Creighton’s Mission

by LLL Leader Tyler Griffin, Certified Lactation Educator

I had the privilege of hosting a Q&A with Jasmine Creighton, Certified Breastfeeding Specialist and advocate, based in the Inland Empire, California. What I observed in Jasmine is a trait seen in many Black people: we are innovators and creators, and many of us are incredibly persistent in our stance for creating and shaping equity, no matter the field we find ourselves in. Jasmine’s personal journey and mission in advocating for breastfeeding equity is a testament to her resilience and creativity.

Bridging the Gap in the Home

Jasmine shared a story that struck a chord with me. A mother came to her, tears in her eyes, because her husband opposed breastfeeding. This opposition was born out of unfamiliarity; he had been formula-fed as a child. This was what he was comfortable with. This narrative underscores the importance of education and dialogue within families about breastfeeding. It’s a poignant reminder that barriers to breastfeeding often arise in the places we least expect them, such as within the sanctity of our homes. Jasmine’s work shines a light on the critical role of education in dismantling misconceptions and building supportive environments for breastfeeding families.

A System Built by Us, but Not for Us

Jasmine also highlighted the disproportionate pressure Black mothers face to return to work postpartum, compared to their white counterparts. This pressure significantly impacts their breastfeeding journeys, illustrating a broader societal issue that intertwines race, economic inequality, and unfair workplace policies. Jasmine’s insights into this challenge spotlights the necessity for systemic change.

Advocating for Racial Concordant Care

A central theme of Jasmine’s advocacy is the importance of racial concordant care, ensuring that Black breastfeeding parents are able to receive support from Black lactation professionals. This approach fosters an environment of understanding, cultural sensitivity, and empathy. Jasmine strongly believes that organizations like La Leche League must support Black Leaders to truly achieve lactation equity.

Jasmine’s vision for the future includes systemic changes within organizations that support breastfeeding families. By investing in and elevating Black advocates in lactation spaces, we can create a significant, positive impact on the breastfeeding success rates of Black parents. Jasmine’s call to action for us is for more than just awareness; it’s a demand for tangible support that acknowledges the unique experiences of Black breastfeeding mothers.

A Call for Equity and Empowerment

Jasmine Creighton is more than a lactation specialist; she is a symbol of hope and change for Black breastfeeding parents and their families. Her personal and societal insights during our chat highlighted the urgent need for communities, organizations, and families to unite in support of lactation equity. Jasmine’s experience serves as a powerful reminder that the journey of Black breastfeeding mothers is about much more than nourishment; it’s about life, empowerment, and the fight for the right to support and nurture in the most natural and supported way possible.

Editor’s note: I’d like to say a big thank you to Tyler Griffin who has worked behind the scenes this month to help coordinate these stories for Black History/Futures Month. Her advocacy and passion are inspiring! I’d also like to thank the Leaders and lactation professionals who shared their experiences with us. We appreciate all of the work they are doing to support lactating families.

We hope this series of stories has helped our readers to understand more about the challenges and experiences of Black lactating families.

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