Live, Love, Latch! 2020: A Virtual Celebration

Live, Love, Latch logoLive, Love, Latch!® is a celebration of breastfeeding and community support presented by La Leche League USA. The Live, Love, Latch!® celebration takes place throughout the United States each August during National Breastfeeding Month with events hosted by La Leche League USA Groups and/or Leaders.These events are often done in partnership with other community organizations that support breastfeeding. All in-person events were suspended this year due to the global pandemic, and many Groups found creative solutions to allow continued participation in Live, Love, Latch!® in 2020.

Following are descriptions of two events: one hosted by La Leche League of Fairfax City, Virginia, and one hosted by La Leche League of Arizona.

A laptop on a chair with the program Zoom running; you see the different windows with faces of participants.La Leche League of Fairfax City, Virginia Live, Love, Latch!® Event 

Rebecca McCormick

La Leche League of Fairfax City had the privilege of hosting a series of online events via Zoom. Nineteen people in three states attended one of these events. The presenter was a chiropractor who walked us through some stretches that can work to relieve common soreness related to nursing, including hunching over or neck tension. We all got comfy and did the moves, some of us while balancing nursing kiddos or interested toddlers. Doing things online was so different than previous years, but we were also able to connect with people we would never have met at a physical event. The platform was different; the sense of community was the same.

La Leche League of Arizona Live, Love, Latch!® Event 

Julie Haines

Live, Love, Latch!®looked much different this year compared to last year. As with most group events in this season of COVID-19, it was a virtual event. La Leche League of Arizona realized there was an awesome opportunity to connect with others locally and beyond. We decided it would be really great to offer an entire month of short events. We advertised statewide events, which gave us such an awesome feeling of bringing the entire state of La Leche League Leaders and families together. We even had participants and giveaway winners from out of state! We tried to offer a variety, as well short bursts, during varying timeframes, hoping to appeal to many.

By the end of August, we had the Zoom sessions synced to Facebook Live working like a charm (with the convenience to view after the fact, too). It was wonderful to get to collaborate with volunteers from all over the United States to bring empowerment, education, and giveaways to our community. Throughout the month we had 120 participants at our Zoom events, and more that tuned in via YouTube and Facebook. We are thankful for the Leaders, local talent, and human milk feeding professionals who helped our events succeed.

Monica Haywood read her adorable book Noey Loves Nursing live for us, and it was a big hit! We were also able to offer an event entirely in Spanish. We raised some funds to offer a very special event, a private virtual screening of the must-see documentary Chocolate Milk: The Documentary Series, including a post- viewing dialogue exchange with director Elizabeth Blayne.

We gained valuable insight and feel very grateful for our multiple Live, Love, Latch!® events. Virtual events don’t have the same feel as in-person events, but they have many positives which include not needing to change baby’s schedule at all and attending from the comfort of home. In this day and age of social/physical distancing, these events offered a chance for connection, and that is very important, especially during the sensitive postpartum period. We hope to have supported all parents in their unique journeys. It was the pleasure of La Leche League of Arizona to celebrate with families all month.


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