Oh, the Places a Mother Goes! Part 5

Our readers continue to share breastfeeding pictures, inspiring us to continue to go out and enjoy what the world has to offer while also taking the time to care for the physical and emotional needs of our nurslings.  We hope that you enjoy the summer activities.

As the seasons change and the first days of autumn arrive, many families find themselves participating in and enjoying different types of activities. What do you like to do to welcome fall? Do you have a picture you’d like to share? Send it to Amy at [email protected].

tinacarpenterTina Carpenter of Cincinnati shares a photo of her and her five-month old daughter, Emma, taking a nursing break at the San Juan Island Lavender Festival.

aleesameyersAleesa Meyers enjoys a day at the beach with her little one.

52547Julie Fox and her four-month-old, Brooks, take a break from splashing at the pool.

cassidyCassidy shares a moment during her nine-month-old son’s first ball game in Denver, Colorado.