Out Of The Mouths Of Nurslings

toddler sitting in shopping cart laughing As a parent, you don’t always realize just how often you repeat certain phrases until you hear your child start to say them, too. Sometimes that’s not a very complimentary thing! In this particular case, though, May G.’s three-year-old shared something with a stranger in a store that she hopes sticks with her for years to come!

“I work with parents of young children – mostly babies under one year – and I can do much of my work from home and over the telephone. I didn’t even think about what my daughter hears on her end of the conversation until we were in the store one day and we passed a fussy infant. As we walked by, I heard my daughter’s sweet little voice say, ‘You should pick up your baby! You won’t spoil him.’

Thankfully the parent of that baby wasn’t upset by my daughter’s passing parenting advice. She smiled and replied with a thank you.”

Has your child ever said something so clever, endearing, hilarious or simply surprising that you couldn’t help but share it with those around you? Out of the Mouths of Nurslings gives parents of nurslings a place to share those words with readers around the United States and even the world.

If you’d like to share your memorable moment with readers of the New Beginnings blog, send a brief recap (picture, too, if you’d like!) to Amy at [email protected].

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