“The Best Thing I Ever Did Was Nurse”

Alice B.

Editor’s Note: Alice B. was a La Leche League Leader in the 1970s in Indiana when her three children were small. Alice said of her time with La Leche League: “(I) successfully nursed all three children and made great friends. Great times!”

Mom and son outside, smiling“My first great-grandchild is on the way, so I began perusing the La Leche League website and ordered my granddaughter a copy of The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding. Then I began reading the (New Beginnings) blog. When I came across ‘Milk Memories’ (May 31, 2022), I had to send you my cute little story.

Our third child weaned around four years. Not too long after, he came running to me one day in the middle of his play, almost like he just thought of something important. He said excitedly, ‘Mom, do you think the best thing you ever did was nurse?’ I thought for a second and then said ‘Yes!’ ‘Me too,’ he said with enthusiasm and then ran off again.”


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