Where Is The Most Unusual Place You’ve Nursed Your Child? – Part 2

Mothers nursing at a breastfeeding meeting outsideNew Beginnings recently shared anecdotes from readers about unusual places where they nursed their children. We’ve received several more stories since then and thought we’d add those to the collection of stories.

You can read the first post here.

“I nursed my toddler while in our car when we had been involved in the middle of a 12-car ‘daisy chain’ accident. We waited for an officer to put weight on our front bumper to release it from the car in front of us.” – Judie G.

“We had tickets to an Indigo Girls concert at a small venue about an hour away from home. Our daughter was one year old at the time. She came along to the concert (wearing protective noise canceling ear muffs) because at that point she went everywhere with us. She bounced in our laps and danced along to the music. When she needed a break, she’d snuggle up to me and nurse. By the end of the concert, she was fast asleep.” – Michelle N.

 “I guess nursing in church isn’t all that unusual of a place, but one day with my son really stands out, so I guess it’s unusual to me in that sense! My son was just a couple months old, and we were seated near the front of the church. He slept through most of the service until we got to an especially quiet part where just the pastor was speaking. That’s when my son started to fuss, so I began nursing him. Well, it turned out to be one of those nursings that ends with a dirty diaper, and it was a pretty loud, ‘explosive’ one at that. The entire congregation could hear it, and even the pastor was trying to hide a smile as I quickly excused myself to the changing room.” – Rachel P.

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