Where Is The Most Unusual Place You’ve Nursed Your Child?

Where is the most unusual place you’ve nursed your child? La Leche League USA recently asked this question on their Facebook page. Many readers offered shared experiences, such as while in a store or a vehicle. Other readers recounted rather unique situations. How about in a cave? Or on top of a lighthouse?

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“Top of the Ferris wheel!” – Holly H.

“I breastfed during surgery and under anesthesia! I was having my wisdom teeth removed (and) the baby began fussing, so my husband asked if he could latch the baby on. The doctor said sure, and when I woke up there was my baby lying on my chest happily nursing. No doubt that doctor and nurse had a story to tell at dinner that night!” – Margie D.

“While hiking up a mountain and not stopping!” – Andrea F.

“I breastfed during our tours at Mammoth Cave in Kentucky. My little wouldn’t stop crying, so I popped him on.” – Jennifer W.

Nursing in a corn maze“In the pouring rain, walking through a super muddy corn maze. When babe needs mama…Honestly, I haven’t kept track. I’ve just met their needs when needed.” – Shawnalee C.

“We were at a very crowded Ice Capades show 40 years ago. The seating was very close, and you felt like you were practically sitting on top of the row in front of you. No privacy, for sure! When we squeezed into our row of seats, the man sitting directly in front of me turned around and saw me trying to sit down into the tight, uncomfortable stadium chair – with a baby in my arms! The man rolled his eyes in disgust, signaling his disapproval and whispering to the person beside him, who then looked back and rolled her eyes as well. I could read their minds: ‘Great! We are going to have a screaming baby behind us all night!’ He would glance over his shoulder throughout the show, as if to check if I was still there. At the end of the show, he stood up, turned around and complimented us on ‘What a good baby you have! We didn’t hear a peep out of him!’ My baby grinned at him which actually brought a smile to the man’s face. He never knew that even when he was scowling back at us earlier, David was nursing away. No one ever knew! He loved watching the skaters and whenever he needed, he nursed away quietly and discreetly. No disruption to anyone. We got a big chuckle at the man’s dramatic change of heart!” – Micki M.

“While bowling – literally while bowling the ball. Harder than it sounds and it went in the gutter.” – Leah F.

“Between runs at the ski slope. She was skiing, too!” – Lorrie A.

“Many times while evacuating for hurricanes. We evacuated three times before my middle son was three months old.” – Ginger H.

Nursing on top of a lighthouse “The top of a lighthouse!” – Savanna H.

“On stage at a fancy dress dinner. My aunt had made me a few lovely nursing dresses. Halfway through the event, my husband and I were announced as the grand prize winners of the door prize drawings. The spotlight found us, and I had no chance to move my daughter from nursing. We got up, went up on stage, spoke with the hosts, accepted the prize, and went back to our table. No one ever knew she wasn’t just asleep in my arms, but was having her dinner.” – Angela T.

“We couldn’t breastfeed so I pumped. I’ve pumped in a Joe’s Crabshack, Lambeau Field, in a bar, all over Chicago, lots of places!” – Nicole S.

“My favorite would have to be Beltany Stone circle in Donegal, Ireland. We were the only ones out there when baby boy got hungry, so we sat in the center of the ancient stones and nursed.” – Leah M.

“I pumped on my lunch break when I was a Walker on set of The Walking Dead (television program).” – Terri M.

“I’ve pumped while sitting next to my grandmother’s ICU hospital bed and no one knew. I’ve also pumped while working. I am an RN (registered nurse) working with homebirth midwives, so I was walking around supporting a woman in labor. I have breastfed at an Astros game, breastfed while taking a hot bath, while hiking sitting next to a beautiful creek in Oklahoma, and breastfed in an inflatable jump house.” – Kathryn H.

“Under a bush in a blueberry field and a mouse crawled up my leg!” – Emily W.

“I was in Bali at a market, and a woman offered to take over for me. That was really cool (I didn’t have her take over but the offer was cool). At a festival in Japan on the street in a yukata. On a ride at Disneyland. On the steps of the Sydney (Australia) Opera House. In a hot spring in Korea.” – Camilla G.

“At Disney World right outside Country Bear Jamboree. A Disney cast member asked if I’d like ‘a tea towel.’ It took me the longest time to figure out why she was asking if I’d like a towel. I declined.” – Yvonne M.

Nursing in a museum“Trick or treating while dressed as Mayor Goodway and Chickaletta from Paw Patrol (children’s television program), on an incline in Pittsburgh, next to an Air Force jet at a Dayton museum, near a camel my other child was riding at the Columbus Zoo, on riverfront swings in Cincinnati, by a giant singing Christmas tree in West Virginia, and hopefully on more adventures to come!” – Rose H.

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