A Look Back: Celebrating Father’s Day

Dads and partners can make a big impact on the nursing dyad. In this week’s blog post leading up to Father’s Day, New Beginnings highlights some past stories that showcase the support and benefits a loving father can bring to a breastfeeding family. Thank you to all the wonderful dads who support human milk feeding and parenting through loving guidance.

Take a look back at some stories from the blog:

“He trusts completely that I know what I’m doing and that our children need me as much as they did in those early days whether it’s for nutrition, comfort, or closeness. He will make sure that I’m fed, help with the other children, babywear toddlers, bring me a cappuccino, etc. He doesn’t bat an eye when I’m still nursing our toddlers or tandem nursing a toddler with our newborn. He tells me how beautiful and amazing I am for providing milk for our babies. He talks to other fathers and mothers about the benefits of nursing. He’s the best support person I could have hoped for! It probably helps that his mother was a lactation consultant for 25 years and nursed him until he was three!”

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“My wife is the breadwinner, so half of our daughter’s ‘breastfeeding’ was actually bottle-feeding her pumped breast milk. According to my wife, pumping is a hassle. But she was very dedicated. When our daughter was about three months old, there was a moment when my wife and I seemed to notice simultaneously that our squirmy little infant had transformed into a chubby, bouncing baby by consuming only breast milk. It seemed like magic. I remember we high-fived. It felt fantastic.”

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“According to La Leche League League, ‘Breastfeeding is enhanced by the loving support of the baby’s father, a co-parent, a partner, and/or close family members who value the breastfeeding relationship.’ It’s a great thing that a father/partner can start his relationship well before early infancy. Baby is growing and will be here soon. Now is the time to get involved!”

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“My love for my newborn son sprang from my heart the moment he was born and seems to grow stronger every day. But my love and respect for my wife is growing stronger, too. Every day I seem to learn more about her; I see her strength of character, her patience, her instinctive and deep-rooted love for our son. And I see her natural ability to feed him, providing him, in this one simple act, nourishment, comfort, warmth, and love. I always imagined she would be a wonderful mother; now I know for sure.”

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“When my baby was born, she needed to spend most of her time with her mother. The only things she’d known until then were the sounds and smells of her mother’s womb. Breastfeeding and skin-to-skin contact with her mom, including contact napping and safe bedsharing, kept her feeling safe and secure. I had thought I would spend lots of quality time with my new baby, but it turned out that what my baby needed was her mom. In turn, what her mom needed was for me to take care of her. Previously, we’d had a very equal division of domestic tasks like cooking and cleaning. I took over everything after our baby was born. I had never imagined how intense it would be to mother a newborn infant; it quickly became clear that I needed to handle everything else so that my girlfriend could meet our baby’s needs.”

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