My Breastfeeding Experiences

Excerpted from Apryl McLean’s book You Can Breastfeed Your Baby I breastfed all four of my babies, and each child nursed for more than two years. I breastfed during a military move across the country, while going to school… Read More

Katelyn’s Story: Overcoming mastitis and tongue-tie

My daughter was born after a beautiful, unmedicated vaginal delivery. My entire birth plan had gone exactly as I had hoped. She latched on within a few minutes of birth. Her latch was weak and my daughter was… Read More

Are You Ready? Mothering the Second Time Around

By Nanny Gortzak An expectant mother recently asked:  “My son will be three when I give birth to my second child. He loves to give me belly hugs and kisses and sounds excited when we talk about our… Read More